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COP27 is Almost Here


In just over a week COP27 begins on November 6th in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, and will conclude on November 18th.  COP26 was the first COP where hydrogen really began to enter the conversation as a way to decarbonize the global economy, and COP27 is expected to see hydrogen take on greater importance.  On November 8th the 3rd Annual Hydrogen Transition Summit will be held where Air Products and other companies will focus on unifying the global transition to a hydrogen economy.

While discussions and commitments surrounding hydrogen will be important areas addressed at COP27, another area of real concern are the funds wealthy nations are giving to nations that are struggling with the changes brought about because of climate change.  As noted in a Bloomberg article, rich nations were supposed to provide 0B annually by 2020 to help disadvantaged countries.  However, things have not gone according to plan, and COP27 will see disadvantaged countries press rich ones to hold to commitments that are already in place.  This is especially true for island countries, like the Maldives, where rising sea levels threaten the long-term stability of the country.  Please click here for more information about the summit.

Another area worth watching will be Youth4Climate and what presence it can bring to bear on COP27 and getting politicians to put into place environmental and climate policies that will give young people hope of a hospitable world.  Youth4Climate had its pre-COP27 meeting in New York on the 20th of September, but expect to see young people at COP27 continue to voice the need for a sustainable future.

Speaking of hydrogen and young people, one thing that young people can do beyond advocate for positive governmental action is to participate in the 2022-2023 H2GP Pro season!  The current season started on October 10th, but it is definitely not to late to join the season.  Please click here for more information as well as find out how to participate in the H2GP Pro.

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