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H-1000 XP, Decarbonizing the Racetrack and Beyond

Of all of the hydrogen fuel cells that are sold in the Fuel Cell Shop, there is perhaps none more versatile than the H-1000 XP fuel cell stack.

The H-500 and H-1000 XP fuel cell stacks actually started out their life as efficient ways of proving the decarbonizing potential of hydrogen fuel cell stacks in the Shell Eco Marathon.  The stacks have been used a lot in that competition, and the teams that use the H-1000 XP typically take first place.

However, while the H-1000 XP may have been bred for the racetrack its high efficiency, compact form, and ability to produce 1,000W of power make it a versatile fuel cell stack.  The stack weighs 11lbs and is roughly the same size as a lunch box, which enables it to fit into a multitude of applications.  It can be integrated into a bicycle to provide some electric assistance, and it can be used in more adventurous applications, such as decarbonizing a lawn mower.  The stack can also be used to decarbonize the back-up motor that some sailboats are equipped with, which enables such a vessel to provide a true green experience even when using the motor and other onboard electronics.

Another useful feature of the fuel cell stack is its efficiency is rated at 59%, which is the highest of any of the fuel cell stacks that are sold in the Fuel Cell Shop.  This efficiency combined with the stack’s ability to perform year after year means that it can provide reliable electrical production.

The H-1000XP is undoubtedly one of the best stacks the Fuel Cell Shop sells, but the only way to realize its true decarbonizing potential is to buy one.  Please check out this amazing stack here, and feel free to share with us your decarbonizing successes!

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