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Tried and True, the 30-watt Fuel Cell

With the successful conclusion of the 2022 World Finals race which is part of Horizon Educational’s H2GP program, we want to take the time to celebrate the 30-watt hydrogen fuel cell stack that we offer.  While this fuel cell stack is indeed small in comparison with the 120kW fuel cell stack that we offer, it has done more to prove the viability and indispensability of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The 30-watt fuel cell that you can purchase from our store is essentially an identical twin of the 30-watt fuel cell stack that is used by FCEV racers in the H2GP program.  It is an air-cooled stack with 13 fuel cells and it weighs less than one pound.  However, in a remote controlled zero emission vehicle (ZEV) 1/10th the size of a Mirai the fuel cell produces enough power to enable such a car to hit speeds of 40MPH, and the fuel cell stack is durable enough so that it will still operate without issue even after that kind of a vehicle hits the track barrier multiple times.

However, this small but mighty fuel cell is great for powering a remote weather station, converting a Wi-Fi router to run off of it, and it can also be used to recharge lithium-ion batteries.  The 30-watt fuel cell also works well for trucking companies that want to build simple proof-of-concept model trucks in order to begin to understand how hydrogen fuel cells can be integrated into such a form factor.

Additionally, a setup using the 30-watt fuel cell is a great way to demonstrate the safety of hydrogen.  There is a lot of mistrust where hydrogen’s safety is concerned even though hydrogen has been used for decades with far fewer issues than diesel or gasoline.  However, with the tried and true 30-watt fuel cell’s ability to keep on running safely even after a vehicle crash, it becomes easy to see and understand that hydrogen is safe when handled responsibly like many other elements in this world.

We love to see what useful solutions customers integrate the 30-watt fuel cell stack into.  Please feel free to send an e-mail to [obfuscate_1_|103|92|102|106|106|63|95|105|112|100|121|102|104|99|95|116|90|91|114|100|110|101|91|106|41|98|102|103] and let us know what project zero emission project you successfully completed using this fuel cell stack.  We may even publish the story on our public blog!

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