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10kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL

This is the second of two entry level products for liquid cooled fuel cell stacks.  With a 10kW power envelop this fuel cell stack is an ideal product for electrifying all-terrain vehicles, tractors used in agriculture, and it is even ideal for switching golf carts to being electrified using fuel cells.  With a fuel cell electric golf cart fleet, golf course owners no longer have to deal with hours of downtime due to charging the large battery packs that golf carts traditionally have used.  This fuel cell stack product also works well at the college and university level in helping students to learn about current fuel cell stack technology.  It can be easily integrated into a common platform, like a golf cart, which enables professors to effectively pair in-classroom learning with an easy practical exercise.


10kW Liquid Cooled FC Stack VL-Series

Additional Information

As with other liquid cooled fuel cell stacks, this fuel cell stack is considerably heavier than air cooled stacks.  The following items are often included with a liquid cooled fuel cell stack from Horizon: an air filter, air flow meter, hydrogen intel solenoid valve, humidifier, throttle valve, radiator, ion exchange, controller, fuel cell stack, fill water tank, fuel cell 24V water pump, constant voltage DC, and blower to bring air into the fuel cell stack.

Please submit a quote request form in order to obtain additional information about this product.  This will also provide you with an opportunity to provide details on the project you are working on that needs a fuel cell stack, and with that additional information we may be able to recommend other components you will need to expedite the completion of your project.

List of VL-10 components and their functionality:

  • Air filter (Prevents damaging size particles from entering fuel cell)
  • Air flow meter (Monitoring feedback of air flow)
  • Humidifier (Adds humidity to the air entering the stack)
  • Radiator (Removes excess heat from the system)
  • Ion Exchange (Absorbs ions in the coolant and reduce the conductivity of the coolant)
  • Controller (Control system, system and vehicle communication)
  • Fuel cell stack (Oxygen and hydrogen react to produce power)
  • Fill water tank (Filling water and purge air for the fuel cell system)
  • Fuel cell 24V water pump (Powers the cooling cycle of the fuel cell)
  • Constant voltage DC (Charge the 48V power battery)
  • Blower (Provide air for the system)

In addition to the above components, the fuel cell system is also equipped with some sensors to feed back the temperature, pressure and humidity signals of the controller system during operation.
The internal oxygen supply system and cooling system components of the system also need to be connected with silicone tubes and multi-way joints to ensure the flow of fluids in the system.
The fixing of the various parts of the system requires the support of a bracket, and the whole system needs a fixed frame, which is connected and fixed together by the frame. Finally, many electrical parts in the system need to be connected with high-voltage wiring harness or low-voltage wiring harness.

10kW Liquid Cooled FC Stack VL-Series Quick Product Facts

System power icon

System Rated Power

This system power output is 10kW.

Stack power icon

Stack Rated Power

The fuel cell stack gives 12kW of output power.


Number of Cells

This fuel cell stack is composed of 90 fuel cells.


Voltage Current Output

The voltage current output of the fuel cell stack is 54 volts at 222 amperes.

Voltage output icon

DC output voltage

Direct current output voltage reaches 48/80 volts.



Fuel Cell Efficiency

Minimal fuel cell efficiency at rated power is 42%.


Ambient Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from 14 to 104° F / -10 to 40° C.

Operating temperature icon

Stack Operating Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from 60 to 70°C / 140 to 158°F.

weight 2

FC System Weight

The system (including DC and radiator) weighs 180kg / 396lbs.

H-12 icon9

System dimensions

This fuel cell system dimensions are 630 x 560 x 610mm / 24.8 x 22 x 24


Hydrogen Pressure

Hydrogen must be fed into the fuel cell stack at a pressure of 0.6-1.0 MPa.


Hydrogen Purity

A fuel of gaseous hydrogen at a minimum purity level of 99.97% is required.

Packing Information

  VL-05 VL-10 VL-30 VL-40 VL-65 VL-100 VL-120  
System rated power output (kW) * 5 10 30 40 65 100 120 *does not include cooling fan power and boost DC efficiency
Stack rated power output (kW) 6 12 36 53 79 120 150  
Number of cells 65 90 150 220 330 500 500  
Operating ambient temperature (℃) -10 to +40 -10 to +40 -30 to +45 -30 to +45 -30 to +45 -30 to +45 -30 to +45  
Storage ambient temperature (℃) -40 to +60 -40 to +60 -40 to +60 -40 to +60 -40 to +60 -40 to +60 -40 to +60  
Operating ambient humidity (%) 0 to 95 0 to 95 0 to 95 0 to 95 0 to 95 0 to 95 0 to 95  
Operating pressure (kPa) up to 50 up to 50 80 to 100 80 to 100 80 to 100 80 to 100 120 to 150  
IP rating IP54 IP54 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67  
Vibration noise (dB) up to 80 up to 80 up to 78 up to 78 up to 78 up to 78 up to 90  
Voltage current output 125A@48V 222A@54V 400A@90V 400A@132V 400@198V 400@300V 500A@300V  
System dimensions (mm) ** 630 x 560 x 610 630 x 560 x 610 742 x 686 x 637 890 x 600 x 520 970 x 600 x 516 1200 x 790 x 520 1200 x 680 x 630 ** radiator, touch screen, booster DC or air compressor not included
System weight (kg) *** 170 180 135 145 170 238 290 *** booster DC not included
DC output voltage (V) 48 48/80            
Boost DC output voltage (V)     300 to 450 500 to 700 500 to 700 500 to 700 500 to 700  
System mass power density (W/kg) ****     220 275 382 420 505 *** booster DC not included
Fuel cell stack volume ratio power (kW/l)             3.5
Stack operating temperature (℃) 60 to 70 60 to 70 70 to 85 70 to 80 70 to 80 70 to 80 70 to 85  
H2 purity (% dry hydrogen) 99,97 99,97 99,97 99,97 99,97 99,97 99,97  
Average H2 consumption at rated power (m3/kWh)     up to 0,73 up to 0,73 up to 0,73 up to 0,73 up to 0,73  
Fuel Cell efficiency at rated power (%) at least 42 at least 42 at leas 47,8 at least 47,8 at least 47,8 at least 47,8 at least 47,8  
Hydrogen inlet pressure (Mpag) 0,6 to 1.0 0,6 to 1.0 1,1 to 1,3 1,1 to 1,3 1,1 to 1,3 1,1 to 1,3 1,1 to 1,3  


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