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Air Cooled T-Series Fuel Cell Stacks 1-10kW

The T-Series stacks are designed to be stationary power fuel cell systems serving as back-up power especially as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) to telecoms. They can be also used in other applications such as for remote monitoring devices, remote area power, and other applications. Using T-Series product brings cost saving over diesel power while reducing harmful emission output to zero. They are remotely accessible for real-time control and monitoring.  The 1kW and 2.5kW solutions in the T-Series can be connected to each other to achieve high power outputs: 5kW unit (connection of two 2.5kW units), 7.5kW (3 x 2.5kW), 10kW (4 x 2.5kW), and so on. T-Series stacks operate quietly with a low energy cost and low maintenance needs.  It is also possible to pair the stacks with solar panels and wind turbines.

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