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About Us

Horizon Fuel Cell Shop was founded in 2022 to bring Horizon fuel cell stacks and hydrogen equipment directly to educational, research and commercial institutions at a reasonable price.

We’ve been part of the Horizon Fuel Cell Europe group since our founding, along with our sister companies Horizon Educational (founded in 2011) and Heliocentris Academia (founded in 1995). 

We aim to provide the highest quality hydrogen and fuel cell equipment to our customers around the world. We currently ship to over 150 countries and counting.

Fuel Cell Stacks Horizon


The Horizon Difference

Since our founding we’ve quickly gained a reputation for fast lead times, shipping fuel cells worldwide in a matter of days. This is complemented by an aftersales and support service that offers a personal approach, providing troubleshooting and help long after the standard warranty expires.    

High quality of components, easy system integration, and long lifespan are the hallmarks of any Horizon fuel cell. We hope you enjoy using our equipment – our technicians are always open for feedback and suggestions for improvements in developing our newest systems.  


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