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50kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL-Series

This is the second fuel cell stack of the mid-range fuel cells that Horizon offers, and its power profile positions this fuel cell stack well to be used in a number of mobility applications.  It is possible to use this fuel cell system in forklift operations, but the possibilities also extend to more demanding tasks in agriculture and construction.  With this kind of fuel cell stack it is possible to create a full range of zero emission construction vehicles, and the operators of these vehicles will benefit from the low noise profile that is a hallmark of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

For vehicle enthusiasts who love to modify vehicles of all kinds, this fuel cell stack offers a lot of possibilities.  It can be used to breath zero emission life back into an old car or truck, or it can be used as a fun experiment at creating a homemade zero emission vehicle (ZEV)!


50kW Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series

Additional Infromation

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University Note

For colleges and universities looking to expand their hydrogen and fuel cell curriculum with additional tools, Heliocentris offers products that are designed to be integrated into university classes.  Like the products that Horizon Fuel Cell Shop offers, the Heliocentris Academia International products pair multiple renewable energy sources like fuel cells, solar panels, and wind turbines in order for students to learn more about how using multiple renewable energy sources can work together to achieve zero emission communities.  Heliocentris products can also be purchased through our Fuel Cell Shop, and you can also go to the website for Heliocentris in order to learn more about the products that it offers.

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

Safety Requirements

Do not attach or detach power cables when the fuel cell stack is turned on.

Warranty is void if the fuel cell stack is dismantled or otherwise modified.

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, and flammable substance.  Always operate and store the fuel cell stacks and hydrogen storage canisters in an area with ample ventilation.

Fuel cell systems should always be equipped with a highly accurate hydrogen sensor to detect any hydrogen that has escaped within the system or from the hydrogen storage canister.

Please refer to the VL II-40M User Manual to see the full list of the safety requirements for the product.



List of core VL-40 components and their functionality:

  • Air filter (Prevents damaging size particles from entering fuel cell)
  • Air flow meter (Monitoring feedback of air flow)
  • Hydrogen heat exchanger (Increase the temperature of hydrogen)
  • Intercooler (Reduce the temperature of the air entering the stack)
  • Humidifier (Adds humidity to the air entering the stack)
  • Throttle (Adjust the internal operating pressure of the stack)
  • PTC heater (Heating of low temperature cold start)
  • Water tank (Refill water to and exhaust the system)
  • Deionizer (Absorbs the ions in the coolant, reducing the conductivity of the coolant)
  • Water pump (Power the cooling system)
  • Low voltage distribution box (Provide low voltage distribution to the system)
  • Controller (Control system, communication between system and vehicle)
  • Fuel cell stack (Oxygen and hydrogen react to produce power)

50kW Liquid Cooled Fuel Cell VL-Series Quick Product Facts

System power icon

System Rated Power

This system power output is 50kW.

stack power icon

Stack Rated Power

The fuel cell stack gives 53kW of output power.

Voltage output icon

DC Output Voltage

Direct current output voltage reaches 450 to 700 volts


Fuel Cell Efficiency

Minimal fuel cell efficiency at rated power is 40%.


Ambient Temperature

The fuel cell stack operates best in a temperature ranging from -22 to 104° F / -30 to 45° C.

H-12 icon9

System dimensions

This fuel cell system dimensions are 940 x 793 x 710mm / 37 x 31 x 28″



Hydrogen Pressure

Hydrogen must be fed into the fuel cell stack at a pressure of 1.1+- MPa.


Hydrogen Purity

A fuel of gaseous hydrogen at a minimum purity level of 99.97% is required.


User Manual

pdf [1.17 MB]

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