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10 Types of Fuel Cell Stack, Listed by Price


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stacks


Looking to buy a new fuel cell stack can be a daunting process. With countless models, capabilities, sizes and prices – it’s harder than ever to find the perfect system. Luckily, Horizon Fuel Cell Shop is here to help. We’re created a comprehensive list of all the potential options below, so you can rest assured you will find the perfect system for your needs.



1. PEM Reversible Fuel Cell

The PEM Reversable Fuel Cell is one of the smallest fuel cell units on the market today, measuring just 54mm x 17mm and having a power output of 0.6V. This hand-held device is used by teachers worldwide to teach kids about how hydrogen can be used to generate clean electricity. What’s more, the system doubles up as an electrolyzer, allowing students to produce their very own hydrogen to use in science experiments. One unit can be picked up for just $ 79.

FC stack for blog



2. H-20 PEM Fuel Cell - 20W

The H-20 is a PEM fuel cell that serves as a perfect companion to systems testing or new product development. It has a performance of 7.8V at 2.6A, and consumes 0.28 litres of hydrogen a minute. Measuring only 7.5 x 4.7cm, the H-20 system is also the perfect size to bring to conferences to demonstrate fuel cell technology to new audiences. The price of one ranges from $ 460 to $ 560.




3. H-30 PEM Fuel Cell - 30W

With a performance of 8.4V at 3.6A, the H-30 is a 30W fuel cell that has a hydrogen consumption rating of 0.42l/min. This means it’s perfect to demonstrate hydrogen technology and can power anything from an iPad to a Macbook Air. Measuring only 8.0 x 4.7cm, the H-30 is only slightly larger than the H-20 yet can generate over 30% more power. One unit is currently priced between $ 820 and $ 960.




4. H-100 PEM Fuel Cell - 100W

At 100W, the H-100 consumes hydrogen at a rate of 1.3l a minute with a performance of 12V/8.3A. While it’s perfect to demonstrate hydrogen fuel cell technology (powering a 100W lightbulb, for example), it can also be used for new product development, testing and systems integration. Weighting in at 3.14lbs or 1.5kg, the stack is still light enough to be taken to expos and conference while being useful for research and development. The list price is currently between $ 1200 and $ 1450.

H-100 PEM Fuel Cell - 100W



5. H-500 PEM Fuel Cell - 500W

The H-500 fuel cell stack is a 500W system suitable for a variety of applications. Composed of 24 individual fuel cells, the system weighs 7.5lbs / 3.4kg and has an efficiency of 50-63%. With a rated performance of 14.4V at 35A, the stack consumes 6.5l of hydrogen per minute. Stacks of this type have been used to build hydrogen-powered demonstration scooters, airplanes and even robots. One unit weights 2.5kg and costs in the range of $ 2500 to $ 2900.




6. H-1000 PEM Fuel Cell - 1kW

At 1kW, the power output of the H-1000 is suitable for larger research and commercial applications. The system contains 48 individual fuel cells and has an overall efficiently of 50-64%. Weighing 4kg, the H-1000 can be used for stationary or mobile applications and consumes 13L of hydrogen a minute at 14.4V/35A. The price of one system is currently set between $ 3500 and $ 4100.

H-1000 Fuel Cell Stack



7. H-1000 XP Fuel Cell Stack

The H-1000XP fuel cell stack has the exact same power rating as the H-1000 but is intended for mobile applications like the Shell Eco-marathon. This means podium placement, weight distribution and size have been optimized for such mobile endurance tests. The frequency and duration of hydrogen purging are also significantly reduced. One system has an efficiency rating of 48-63%, and currently costs in the range of $ 6300 to $ 7300.

FCS-B1000XP H-1000 XP Fuel Cell Stack



8. 2.5kW Fuel Cell Stack T-Series

The 2.5kW T series fuel cell stack is intended primarily for stationary applications like remote commercial cell-phone towers or off-grid living. With a power rating of up to 47A @54V, the 2.5kW T-Series has a 42% efficiency rating. The T-Series stacks are known for their flexibility, with multiple 2.5kW stacks linked together to achieve combined power outputs of 5000 watts or higher. A standalone 2.5kW T-series system weighs 89lbs / 40.3kg (including fan and casing). The price starts at $ 10,700 and goes up to $ 13,700.




9. 40kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL-Series

With a 40kW power rating and a weight of 319lbs/145kg, the 40kW Liquid Cooled FC System VL-Series is can be used for a number of a mobility applications, like forklifts operations and more demanding tasks in agriculture and construction. At 400A/132V, the system uses up to up to 0,73 m3 of hydrogen per kWh. It also has a fuel efficiency rating of at least 47.8%. All units come with an air filter, air flow meter, hydrogen heat exchanger, intercooler, humidifier and controller (among other components like a water tank and PTC heater). Prices range from $ 70,000 to $ 80,000.




10. 120kW Liquid Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell VL-Series

The 120kW Liquid Cooled VL-Series has the highest power rating of any fuel cell Horizon offers. It’s 120kW power output is intended to meet energy requirements anywhere in the mobility sector, and is often used to power Class 8 trucks around the world. Each system contains 500 individual fuel cells and has an efficiency of at least 47,8%. With a 500A/300V power rating, the 120kW VL series consumes up to 0,73 m3 of hydrogen per kWh. Current prices range from $ 180,000 to $ 220,000.

VL-120kW System



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